About the Program

The Phi-Club program is a unique program in which we will focus on the spirit of the entrepreneur.

Together, we will develop abilities to analyze reality, strive to strengthen our thinking and mental skills and use them as a tool in our daily lives.

We believe that there is a direct relationship between the entrepreneur’s ability to analyze and perceive reality, and the success level of his venture.

Entrepreneurship has always been concerned with creation and philosophy, researching the world’s problems, and the essence and human understanding of occurrence. These are the basics for developing the character of the entrepreneur.

Throughout the semester we will study the various approaches of the great philosophers throughout history.

During the program we will complete the last piece of the puzzle that will create the ultimate character image of the successful entrepreneur – the executing entrepreneur alongside the thinking entrepreneur. We will discuss questions that do not necessarily have a cut-clear answer, and dive into a fascinating discourse expanding awareness and consciousness.

At the end of the program, you will leave with the tools to answer the difficult questions yourself, according to your worldview, and you will probably also leave with new accumulated questions.

Program Details


Tony Dark

Program Manager

Shimon Raphael Levy

Program Manager

Eden Sadot

Program Manager

Asaf Bracha

Program Manager
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