Industry Internship

Industry Track - NICE X Entrepreneurship Club

6-8 Students | 6hrs/week

The purpose of the program is to combine theoretical and practical skills of students of the entrepreneurship club in the industry. Providing an opportunity to obtain useful tools in the market. The program is semester-long and lasts 10 weeks with 6 hours per week as detailed below. The students will receive an applied project related to the company’s tasks. They will carry out the project within the hours they committed to under the lead and guidance of the company’s employees and managers.


Program requirements:

  • The program is intended for students of the entrepreneurship club only.
  • The program is intended for students from the entrepreneurship track – computer science only.
  • GPA of 80 or higher.
  • The students will commit to the 6 weekly hours.
    • 4 hours – in offices/hybrid – The decision will be by NICE.
    • 2 hours – ongoing independent practical tasks.
  • Regular participation of at least 80% in the activities of the entrepreneurship club.


More details:

  • A student who meets all the requirements will receive a scholarship of 1,000 shekels on behalf of the Entrepreneurship Club.
  • The outline of accepting the students and dealing with them will be determined later on during the cooperation with NICE and the Entrepreneurship Club.
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