One of the main focus of the club is the 12 unique programs that are under it.
Each program deals with a different vertical and exposes the participating students to the various industries. 

Every semester, hundreds of students enroll in the various programs from all the faculties, and after strict selection processes, about 30 participants are accepted for each program.
During the semester, the meetings are held every week and hosted by senior lecturers in the various industries.

Practical and diverse workshops led by top women figures in the field with an emphasis on tools for entrepreneurial thinking and the issues related to the integration of women in the industry.

Innovation in education. Come hear from the top experts in the Israeli edtech industry and experience developing ventures that answer problems from the worlds of education. 

The oldest, largest and most professional training and enrichment program in Israel for students who want to be exposed to and merge into the food industry. 

Breathing and living in the sustainability world? This is the place for young entrepreneurs who are interested in acquiring tools in the worlds of entrepreneurship and sustainability. 

Business-financial thinking and strategy, which shows the world that the desire to do good and prosper financially can coexist.

Exposure to the secrets of the corporate world, meetings with CEOs and executives of large companies who will tell about the business world. 

Marketing is everywhere – connecting the students to success stories of the leading figures in the marketing, PR and advertising industry. 

Together, we will develop abilities to analyze reality, strive to strengthen our thinking and mental skills and learn to use them as a tool in our daily lives. 

Exposure and introduction to the role of the product manager, inspiring future product managers, and providing practical tools for product management. 

The traditional real estate market today is outdated and thirsty for technological changes. The club exposes the students to innovative ventures that combine real estate and technology. 

We will learn about the technological opportunities of the new world. Advancing humanity with life-saving medicine like we have never seen before. 

A program in English that hosts entrepreneurial figures from different industries weekly, who share their story expanding on the difficulties, successes and challenges that stood in their way. 

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